‘Bitcoin is not a hedge against anything,’ concludes ‘Black Swan’ author Nassim Taleb

 ‘Bitcoin is not a hedge against anything,’ concludes ‘Black Swan’ author Nassim Taleb

Bitcoin (BTC) will not be “a hedge towards something,” concluded “Black Swan” writer and danger analyst Nassim Nicholas Taleb after inviting his 727,000 Twitter followers to debate on whether or not there’s any correlation between BTC and inflation.

“CONCLUSION: not a single cheap argument that #BTC is a hedge towards inflation, or, as a matter of truth, a hedge ag. Something,” Taleb tweeted yesterday, including that “I hate the Fed, THEREFORE Bitcoin” is the “most typical fallacy.”

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As CryptoSlate reported, Taleb just lately criticized Bitcoin in an interview with CNBC, arguing that “there’s completely no cause it needs to be linked to something financial” and that BTC “has traits of an open Ponzi scheme.”

“[Bitcoin] has traits of an open Ponzi, everyone is aware of it’s a Ponzi,” Taleb mentioned. “Principally, there’s no connection between inflation and Bitcoin. None. I imply, you possibly can have hyperinflation and Bitcoin going to zero. There’s no hyperlink between them.”

Public opinion

To additional drive this level residence, Taleb later appealed to his Twitter followers, asking them to elucidate how Bitcoin could be a hedge towards inflation.

“I’m nonetheless attempting to get a solution on how #BTC could be a hedge towards inflation because it went up 1000% over a interval when inflation was 1-3%? Additionally, the place is the hyperlink between BTC and a basket of products I’ll devour sooner or later? I’m in search of a solution. Ask your folks,” he wrote.

Just a few hundred replies later, Taleb asserted that he didn’t discover “a single cheap argument” within the thread. 

“Thus far 500 replies and no reply on how BTC connects to inflation,” Taleb concluded, including, “By the way if #BTC precedes inflation (is forward of it), that’s, its worth adjusted to future inflation, somebody proudly owning it will see a destructive correlation with inflation, no?”

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“Shortage ≠ inflation hedge”

Taleb additionally identified that Bitcoin’s programmable shortage (in spite of everything, not more than 21 million BTC could be mined and new blocks can’t be found quicker than one per 10 minutes) doesn’t make it a hedge towards inflation as a result of “a variety of issues are scarce & have collapsed in worth.”

Even gold, to which crypto fans usually examine Bitcoin, has misplaced its anti-inflation qualities a while in the past, Taleb opined.

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“Gold ceased, w/finish of Bretton Woods (1971), to be a hedge towards inflation. Additional, metals misplaced that high quality w/the speculative fever of ~1980. They misplaced as much as 90% of their worth in actual $,” he wrote, noting that “Gold’s solely redeeming high quality is its low volatility & the ground from industrial use.”

Nonetheless, Taleb acknowledged that there’s certainly a positive option to discover a connection between Bitcoin and inflation—however one must be beneath affect of hallucinogenic mushrooms to see it.

“Right here is the key: if I took some hallucinogenic (sic) substances I’d lastly see the hyperlink between #BTC and inflation,” he concluded, jokingly.

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